My real big first assignment as translator dates back to 2002​, when I was surprisedly hired by a national magazine to translate a short series of multimedia press productions dealing with European tourism.  

Since then, I gained many skills, and I am still stunned when bringing to my mind the precise timeframe I started to work in the field... maaaany years ago.


As you may notice here, I cooperate directly with various international brands/corporations. In this small space, you can find only a short description of the projects/roles I cover(ed).

If you would like to receive a full detailed cv, please, get in touch! 

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Grammar Content Linguist Expert: involved in the creation and reviewing of content for Italian teaching language apps/courses , all addressed to English speakers.

Creative writer : creating  original English and Italian language content about various themes such as travel, beauty, fashion, home decor and lifestyle.


I write and publish original content for a couple of huge websites/e-stores - via content-management systems. For all brands I deal with, I develop and finalize style guides and glossaries, all serving as foundation for future translations.. I establish the right brand voice to use, in order for it to be culturally appropriate and appealing to the audience, I cooperate with designers to determine the way contents should appear online. I serve also as multitasking resource to other translators/editors part of my team/s in terms of any language-related issue or decision affecting the way the brands are conveyed in my native language. Basically, I contribute to the development of compelling content, editorial and inventive solutions needed to evolve each brand.



In nearly 8 years in the field of videogames (they are not my first choice anymore) I translated/bug fixed/ proofread/localized various in-game scripts, manuals and marketing material. Just to mention a few titles: Kingdom Under Fire, Scene IT, Ninja Gaiden 2, Toy Soldiers, Crackdown 2, Go, Hydro Thunder, Limbo, Overlord:Dark Legend, GRID, PGR4, Buddy French, GEOlino, Der Schatz der Delfine, and other titles aimed at adults (RPGs) and children, all based on Xbox and/or Nintendo platforms. As a main reviewer, I dealt with Galaxy, BigFarm, Empire, and Neverwinter. A very nice experience as I had the opportunity to learn an incredible quantity of puns and slang expressions. 



Humoristic Book - Liefde gaat ZOO – by Davy De Witte - Dutch/French into Italian (in Italian "L'arca dell'amore" - an Italian excerpt is available here

Children book - Salvatore der Medifant – by Elfie Donnelly & Paul Aratò-
German into Italian


X-country documentaries, Queens logics, Scars of Dracula, Heavens Above, Poltergeist (TV series), Fun with Dick and Jane (2005), Planet Of The Apes (TV), I dream of Jeannie S1, Ally Mcbeal S4, Chelsea S2 (ongoing)


Travel guides translator and destinations content writer 



Fashion magazines
Life style

Renowed international campaigns

Music blurbs copywriter

English content writer/Contributor for an online hub (writing about life style, work, fashion and travels)





​​​  MCIL - License 023435




  • MASTER of Arts  in Translation Studies with a dissertation on subtitling - University of the West of England - Bristol - UK 

  • 2 Postgraduate certificates in Editing, Proofreading and Revising English texts - University of Terragona - Spain

  • Certificate in European History, Institutions and Decisions Making, EU in information sources – Vrije Universiteit Brussel – Belgium

  • Multimedia and Audiovisual Communication Technology - University of Ferrara - Italy

  • German Language - Technische Universität Dresden- Germany

  • Russian Language - Moscow State University - Russia 

  • On-going refresher uncademic courses about the latest translation/linguistics techniques : various at ISG - Internationale Sommerschule Germersheim, Germany, Translation of literature (Isabella Blum, Italy), Psycholinguistics (Duo Munchen, Germany)

  • Mooc courses:  Storytelling (Potsdam University - Germany), Understanding Russians: contexts of intercultural communication (HSE University - Moscow - Russia)